My name is Carlos and I am a sound designer. I've been heavily involved with sound in one form or another for the past decade... studied playing the classical guitar, produced short audio narratives for public radio, mixed and designed sound for theatre and drama, recorded & edited sound effects and dialogue for film & animation, and recording & mixing and producing music. 

I've long considered myself a creative soul within a technical shell... that's because I see my artistic role as an artist who listens and interprets another's creative masterpiece and help convey that artist's vision through sound, via my own creativity.

I am always in search of new and exciting projects to further gain my experience, build up my portfolio, and assist other artists in their work. If you think I can be of any service to you, don't hesitate to contact me.

Copyright © 2015, Carlos Maeda. All rights reserved. Image by stockmedia.cc / stockarch.com